Sam Devlin

Devlin Designing Boat Builders
Olympia, Washington
Sam Devlin began designing and building boats in the late 1970s when the only Stitch-and-Glue wooden boats in existence were the popular but modest Mirror dinghies from England. Since then his shop in Olympia, Washington has professionally built more than 400 boats, and Sam's design catalog has bloomed to more than 150 oar, sail, and motor vessels. These range from the Sand Dab 6.5 to the ocean-cruising Sockeye 62. Every one uses Stitch-and-Glue construction, and most feature delicious curves that seem to defy plywood's possibilities, but Sam has developed techniques to make just about any boat form possible in this medium. Amateurs have successfully built a large number of these designs, and now many are available in kit form.