Dan Rubin

Second Stage Creative Arts
Dan Rubin is a retired educator, writer and musician who has lived most of his life in Canada, although he was raised in California.   His first book, SALT ON THE WIND: THE SAILING LIFE OF ALLEN AND SHARIE FARRELL will be the focus of his presentation at this year's festival, but he is also the author of four other books, and dozens of articles, and award winning short stories and poetry.  In addition, he is a well-established composer and songwriter, whose original work has been released on fourteen albums over the past forty years.,   Dan is a passionate story teller, who met the Farrells, owned one of their handbuilt boats (the schooner August Moon) and was convinced to write their authorized biography, after organizing a gathering of unique sailboats and sailing friends to honour them in the 1990s.  Since then, Dan has moved to the East Coast of Canada where he now leads a major organization addressing food security and community health.  His most recent book, SUN, SEED & SOIL is a northern gardening book, published in Newfoundland by Boulder Books.

My Speakers Sessions

Sunday, September 10

12:30pm PDT