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Strikes A Bell sings sea chanteys and other martime songs that are easy for the audience to join in and sing along.  They are an a ccappella group and emphasize songs that are lively or have sweet harmonies.  A context to each song is presented so the audience gets the connection between their music and the maritime experince. Strikes A Bell has performed at the Northwest Folklife Festival during the past 10 years and has appearred at the Port Gamble Maritime Music Festival, the Tumbleweed Music Festival, and a number of private and public events.  The band presently consists of Laura Bassett, Jean Geiger, David Kessler, Wayne Palsson, David Perasso, Dan Roberts, Mary Wilson, and Steve Whinihan. Wayne Palsson and jean Geiger also lead the Shantey Sing Along at the PTWBF on Friday and Saturday nights.

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Saturday, September 9

2:00pm PDT