Jean Lenke & jean Therapy West

Jean Lenke's full Jean Therapy West Jazz Jazz Band offers a refreshing and dynamic show that connects with all generations. With an eclectic repertoire of Jazz, Folk, Funk & Blues, Jean Therapy's universal appeal has that out-of-the-box edge that your summer concert series has been looking for!
Pacific Northwest Jazz, Folk & Blues vocal artist Jean Lenke has been creating diverse live music for many years in the Philadelphia area and is now creating new music in Washington’s great northwest. As performing artist, composer, lyricist, and bandleader she brings the joy of her parent’s Classic Jazz music together with the spirit of the Folk & Jazz-Rock Fusion soundtrack of her own youth in an eclectic mix ~ familiar, yet slightly off center.

Jean paints music in full color, covering her canvas with broad strokes and a free hand. Her approach to the classics is free spirited and bold, crossing boundaries and mixing genres celebrating all the shades and hues life brings us here in the great Pacific Northwest! Artfully blending the magic of the past with the energy of the future Jean's delivery is transportive, melting hearts with her a crystal clear tone and sultry warmth. Come experience the magic!